About Us

We are just two sisters from Brooklyn, NY who believe that beauty should not be limited. In today's beauty world, it’s rare to see a vast color palette of women that really reflects the realities of the everyday woman, and even more so for women of color, specifically brown skinned women. Being brown-skinned women ourselves, we wanted a brand that we could be proud of, so we came up with one ourselves! We also wanted it to be a movement and a name that brown-skinned women could walk around and call themselves with a sense of pride. So, we came up with Beautie Brownie! 

Beautie Brownie encourages women with darker skin tones to love the skin they're in and not conform to beauty standards that leave them out of the equation. Women would stop us all the time and say things like: “That color looks gorgeous on your skin, but I could never pull that off.” Comments like that inspired us to come up with a lipstick collection that empowers women with darker skin tones to be bold, take risks and break barriers with their makeup! Our lipsticks are specifically designed to look beautiful on brown skin, and we really hope that these little tubes of color will help our Beautie Brownies to be bold, despite what society says! 

However, we later realized later that the issue was so much bigger than cosmetics, but about how brown women feel about themselves. We are concerned and disappointed about how brown women are portrayed in society; as less attractive, not beautiful enough to be put on the forefront in the entertainment and beauty industry. We decided that we want to do more than sell cosmetics catered to our Beautie Brownies, but cater to them in ALL areas of their lives! We are here to show everyone that we ARE beautiful and we do that by displaying Brown Beauty at its best, anywhere you can find us. On any of our social media pages, on our website, and at any of our events, you will only see beautiful imageries of brown women! 

We are here to give all brown women the spotlight they deserve!